About Us

Come to Geelong and see what happens when a man has a BIG shed, an ambition and an interest in collectables… and is supposedly doing this for a living!

Over 1000sq meters of floor and wall space that's chocka block with collectables from all eras.

We are not sure how many items we have for you to chose from but there sure is a lot!

We have been doing this for more than 20 years so we know our stuff.

Words struggle to describe the diversity of our stock but we do know it's an ever moving feast. Best you check out our on line product catalogue or if you have something particular in mind and can't see it all you have to do is call, email or send me a text.

You know that old saying 'you can't please
all of the people all of the time'… well...
we reckon we do it pretty well
at How Bazaar!

We sell & we buy!