HB News 35

Edition 35

Hi all!

We know it's said all the time, but isn't the year just flying by? We're also surprised to see that it's been five years since we launched the new website!  Well, it's not "new" anymore, is it?

Much has changed over those 5 years.  Both the methods of buying and selling and the items we stock for sale have seen marked changes.  Even within the 5 years since we set up this website, some might argue that it is now out of date!  Facebook, eBay and the like have become popular selling mediums.  We've certainly found that, with a quick photo, some things sell on Facebook within minutes!

With that in mind, if you are on Facebook, we would encourage you to follow us at How Bazaar PS.  We post stuff there all the time - not just items for sale.  Our videos go up there as well.

When we started How Bazaar, antiques, furniture and collectable smalls (china, pottery, glassware, books, etc) were still the lifeblood of the business.  Those of you with a nostalgic bent might think "sadly" when hearing that this isn't the case any longer.  But business survival and growth are very much about not being resistant to change.

A trend that has become apparent to us is the decline in collecting by women and the growth in collecting by men.  Obviously, there are differences between the genders in what is of interest.  The rise of the "man cave" has seen the growth in automobilia and garagenalia collecting.  And the rise in value of these items, be they oil bottles, tins, signs, petrol bowsers, etc, has been phenomenal.  Hardly surprisingly, men's collecting has become rather competitive - almost a sport in some instances!

Of course, whether we are buying or selling, some things are still tried and true.  We value face to face contact.  We enjoy meeting our customers, we travel far and wide looking for new items and many of our customers have built long term relationships with us.

Here's a few items that might be of interest.

Wayne _605_GF_Bowser (1)

This Wayne 605 Bowser is on sale at the moment.  Nicely refurbished, it features distinctive Golden Fleece livery.  Only $2750!

We recently made a trip up to Melbourne and picked up a truckload (literally) of African decorative items - statues, carvings, animals, humans, busts, torsos, lifelike and abstract. The most intriguing of these is, without doubt, Kevin.

Kevin _IMG_4912

Following the departure of Kevin, we had to find another Kevin and look who turned up! Kevin is currently $1550, but newsletter readers can have him for $1350.

Finally, here's something not named Kevin.


Or if he was, it would be Sir Kevin! This Suit of Armour came in yesterday and is only $695 (not including the mannequin).  A few people have tried on the helmet, some with quite large heads.  Just in case you're thinking of putting it on, you can!

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 34

Edition 34

A belated welcome to 2017 to our patient newsletter subscribers!

Summer has been a busy time - plenty of holidaying customers calling in.  It's wonderful when people say goodbye with a "see you next year".  Many of them take the time to tell us how good the shop is, which is always gratifying.

Whilst giving some thought to this newsletter, it occurred to us that (as well as highlighting new, unique and special items) there may well things you want included in the newsletter.

It's always easier for us to promote the items that we know are popular, particularly automobilia.  Let us know if you would like more diversity in the newsletter.

Or you might like us to focus on stories, as well as products.  The popularity of the various pickers/pawn shows is as much about the stories as it is what they find and trade.  A reminder that we also have our YouTube Channel that has a range of videos where we talk about the shop, go on road trips and try to have a bit of fun.  We'll keep adding to these as opportunities arise.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, send us an email (just reply to this newsletter and that will get to us).

We've been working over the summer on putting together some new Sideshow Clown Machines.  Built in-house from scratch, they have a fibreglass head and torso, new (speed adjustable) mechanism to turn the head and have been painted in a range of vibrant colours!

Clown _Game _IMG_3688

Why make new Sideshow Clown machines?  These items are always popular - so popular that original ones are getting almost impossible to source.  For some people, having an original is a vital part of their collecting, which is completely understandable.  Others, though, are purely interested in having the look and functionality as part of their decor.  These are for you.  $2450 each, but newsletter subscribers are always welcome to ask for a discount!

For similar reasons we also stock some Reproduction Golden Fleece Quart Oil Bottles.  Currently $85, but newsletter subscribers can have them for $75 each. 

Repro _GF_Bottles _IMG_4527We've received some harsh comments from collectors for selling these.  Again, this is very understandable.  But, they are clearly reproductions and the originals are almost impossible to get and prohibitively expensive when they are available.  For those people seeking to achieve a look in their man cave/shed, these serve a purpose.

A reminder that you can subscribe via the website to Categories and receive email notifications when we add something new to that Category.  This is very handy for keeping an eye out for that special item that's hard to find.  Instructions on subscribing are at the bottom of the home page.

A case in point is this Vintage Cast Iron Hand Water Pump.

Water _Pump (2)

We've had several requests over the past months for one of these.  One finally arrived via a trip to have a look at various bits and pieces.  $395.

By the way, Kevin's back!

Fibreglass _Horse (1)

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 33

Edition 33

Hello and welcome to How Bazaar at:


Yes, Andrea and I are making our annual trip to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton for Motorclassica.  It opens Friday!

We have set up an extensive range of items for the three days of Motorclassica.  It's a great chance for those of you in Melbourne to come in, meet Andrea and I and have a look at some of the fantatsic stock we have.  Oh, and you can also have a squizz at a huge number of extraordinary cars!

Here's a pic of last years set up.

Motorclassica _2015_IMG_3434

Just a few highlights of what we're bring up this year to whet your appetite!

Callum from Junked has been working on restoring this old carnival ride car body into a fantastic motorised race car!


Click on the pic to have a look at it in action!

Yes, the Shell Garage Office Cabinet pictured has sold, but we have a similar one at Motorclassica!

Shell _Workshop _Cabinet _IMG_4177

This Bibendum Michelin Man in Resin is very unusual.  We haven't seen one anywhere before!

Resin _Michelin _Man _IMG_4197

Jarrod been working away at restoring this old airplane.  It came in as a rust heap and has come back to life!  Though when I say "life", no, it doesn't fly!

Ford _Plane

It does have a wingspan of approx 2m!

We're bringing up thousands of items - even some that aren't automobilia related.  So, if you come in and want a break from looking at fantastic cars, come upstairs to Stall 258 and have a browse.  And say hello!

Hope to see you at Motorclassica.  Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 32

HB News 32

We don't make public offers to have a space at How Bazaar very often. That said, we've had a couple of stallholders recently depart (not this mortal coil) and we thought we'd widen our search and seek out some new people who might be looking at having a stall in Geelong's best store for collectables!

The first picture is for a floor area of 5m x 4.5m.  It is $198/week.

Large _Stall _IMG_2914

The second is a smaller floor area of 3.9m x 3.6m.  It is $125/week.

Small _Stall _IMG_2915

The rent includes all outgoings (marketing, power, building insurance, etc).  Stallholders are not required to work in the store (apart from stocking & maintaining your own stall).  The only commission is 5% on card transactions of your items.  The initial commitment is for 3 months!

Contact us if you're interested.  Or pass it on to someone you think might be.


Pete & Andrea

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HB News 31


A Wintery Hello to all our newsletter subscribers!

Andrea & I have just returned from a trip to Vietnam (thanks to our daughters!) where the temperature was in the high 30s!  We've returned to a shop that barely gets above 10º.  Yes, GoT fans, winter is coming.

We know many of you haven't had the opportunity to come into the store or to meet us personally to say g'day.  That got us thinking we should us the ways to come to you and have a chat that are abundant via the interweb thingy.

So, How Bazaar now has a YouTube Channel where we do tours around the store, answer many of the common questions we get about how our business works and we'll be introducing you to some of our stallholders.  If you follow us on Facebook or keep an eye on our website, you may have already had a look at some of the clips we've put up.  We try to keep them short and (hopefully) a bit of fun!

Here's the link to the How Bazaar YouTube Channel.

We hope to see you soon!

Peter & Andrea

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