How Bazaar Newsletter 39

Edition 39

Hi to all our loyal subscribers!

As you've probably noticed our email newsletters are getting fewer and further between. Times have changed but we havent been quiet, infact we've been extremely busy on the internet only these days most of our internet activity happens on the How Bazaar Facebook page or our eBay shop!

Our facebook page has been so busy that more often than not the items on there sell before we have a chance to upload them to our website or mention them in newsletters! You don't even have to join Facebook to see us, you can simply bookmark the How Bazaar Facebook page and check it regularly for new posts and videos.

On the facebook page you'll find a steady stream of photographs and videos of new products and interesting updates from the shop. If anything grabs your fancy all you need to do is phone us on 03 5278 5453 and discuss purchase and payment options!


Peter & Andrea

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HB News 38

Edition 38

Hi all!

As much as we know you all love hearing all about what we've been up to, we also know that you're probably in search of a BARGAIN!

Well, there are bargains to be had.  Not only on our extensive website (where we are more than happy to negotiate with our newsletter subscribers) but also in our

eBay Store!

Didn't know that we had an eBay store?  We've had one for a while that goes under the name of Original Auspickers Collectables.

Our eBay store exists to offer items at auction to people around Australia and the World!  We also list a few items that we have a lot of at "buy now" prices, like the reproduction oil bottles.  But it is mostly auctions.

We offer automobilia, collectables like rare records, coins and banknotes, cigarette and trade cards, rare badges, militaria, toys, etc - generally anything that is small enough to be posted and so delicate that it can't survive Australia Post's handling!

The best news is, we start our auctions at well below recommended retail price!  Once someone bids, the auction is live with no reserve price and the item will sell at auction.

Here's an example - we currently have 3 Shell Household Oil tins on auction, along with a Shell token.

Shell _Oilers _IMG_8877

The auction has started well below rrp and the current bid is $20.50 for the lot (of course this may change after publishing this).

You can follow our eBay Store and receive notifications when new items are offered.  Payments can be made via Paypal or bank deposit.  Of course cash on pick up is available.

Have a look.  You just might find the bargain you've been looking for.


Peter & Andrea

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HB News 37

Edition 37

Hi all!

Welcome to another instalment of the (sporadic) How Bazaar newsletter!

Nothing stands still here at How Bazaar.  Following another successful venture up the big road to Motorclassica in October, our return always gives us an opportunity to rearrange and revamp the shop.  This not only keep things clean and fresh, it also gives Andrea and I a little time to think about the business.

To that end, we've made a range of spaces available for new stallholders within the shop.  The details are all here:


If it's not something you're looking to take up, you may know someone who is looking to join Geelong's best collectables store.  If so, send this on to them or get them to contact us.

Motorclassica is not only an opportunity to bring our wares to Melbourne, it is a fantastic place to catch up with with old friends and to make new ones.

Here's some items we recently received that weren't at Motorclassica, so you may have missed them!

Ampol _IMG_8264 Proudly _Australian _IMG_8406

Remember that we will put things up first on our Facebook page, How Bazaar PS.  If you're not following this page then we'd suggest that you do.  The best items go quickly and it takes a day or two for us to get them up on our website.

Of course we know not everyone is purely interested in garagenalia (hello Maureen!). So here's a few other things that have come in.  Did we mention that Christmas is on the way!

Trike Dinosaur

Brent _Harvey _Football Video _Arcade _Console _IMG_8360

While you're planning your festive season, keep in mind the we do have Gift Certificates and getting one couldn't be easier.  Come into the store, email us or phone and we can send out a personalised gift certificate for any amount you want (min $20).

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 36

Edition 36

Hi all!

Keeping up with all the facets of this business can be time consuming.  Between Facebook (How Bazaar PS in case you've forgotten), online sales and running the shop, finding some time to write a newsletter can be tricky!

Well things haven't stood still since last we communicated with you.  Some of you might have seen us on the TV recently.  We had a little "incident" last week.  Nothing unusual - just another shoplifter thinking he'd like something for nothing.  Unfortunately for him, a good friend noticed that our taxidermy turtle was leaving us.  A chase ensued.  Then we ended up in the media!  Here's Channel 10's take on what happened.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 At 10.53.27 Am

We also turned up on Channels 7 & 9, many radio interviews and in the newspapers.  Jarrod and I had no idea what the result would be from trying to stop a thief!  It's just that we've had enough of people stealing from us.

If you haven't noticed, we have taken to making some short videos.  The idea is that it gives people some insight into how things actually work in this business (as distinct from what you see on TV).  We try and keep them short and fun, as well as informative.

For example, we recently purchased a large collection of swap and trade cards, including some real rarities of VFL cards.  Here's the little video we made:

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 At 10.58.31 Am

It takes some time to sort through all these cards and for those who might be interested in buying these collectables, it works best for us to put them on eBay.  We have an eBay Store where we often put things up for auction.  We always start things at a very reasonable price.  It's well worth following our eBay store to keep notified of what's available.

Every now and then we just make a video for fun!  Like this quick Tour de Shop.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 At 11.20.31 Am

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 35

Edition 35

Hi all!

We know it's said all the time, but isn't the year just flying by? We're also surprised to see that it's been five years since we launched the new website!  Well, it's not "new" anymore, is it?

Much has changed over those 5 years.  Both the methods of buying and selling and the items we stock for sale have seen marked changes.  Even within the 5 years since we set up this website, some might argue that it is now out of date!  Facebook, eBay and the like have become popular selling mediums.  We've certainly found that, with a quick photo, some things sell on Facebook within minutes!

With that in mind, if you are on Facebook, we would encourage you to follow us at How Bazaar PS.  We post stuff there all the time - not just items for sale.  Our videos go up there as well.

When we started How Bazaar, antiques, furniture and collectable smalls (china, pottery, glassware, books, etc) were still the lifeblood of the business.  Those of you with a nostalgic bent might think "sadly" when hearing that this isn't the case any longer.  But business survival and growth are very much about not being resistant to change.

A trend that has become apparent to us is the decline in collecting by women and the growth in collecting by men.  Obviously, there are differences between the genders in what is of interest.  The rise of the "man cave" has seen the growth in automobilia and garagenalia collecting.  And the rise in value of these items, be they oil bottles, tins, signs, petrol bowsers, etc, has been phenomenal.  Hardly surprisingly, men's collecting has become rather competitive - almost a sport in some instances!

Of course, whether we are buying or selling, some things are still tried and true.  We value face to face contact.  We enjoy meeting our customers, we travel far and wide looking for new items and many of our customers have built long term relationships with us.

Here's a few items that might be of interest.

Wayne _605_GF_Bowser (1)

This Wayne 605 Bowser is on sale at the moment.  Nicely refurbished, it features distinctive Golden Fleece livery.  Only $2750!

We recently made a trip up to Melbourne and picked up a truckload (literally) of African decorative items - statues, carvings, animals, humans, busts, torsos, lifelike and abstract. The most intriguing of these is, without doubt, Kevin.

Kevin _IMG_4912

Following the departure of Kevin, we had to find another Kevin and look who turned up! Kevin is currently $1550, but newsletter readers can have him for $1350.

Finally, here's something not named Kevin.


Or if he was, it would be Sir Kevin! This Suit of Armour came in yesterday and is only $695 (not including the mannequin).  A few people have tried on the helmet, some with quite large heads.  Just in case you're thinking of putting it on, you can!

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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