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HB News 4

Edition 4

Hello to all our Subscribers - the group is growing steadily which is fantastic.  If you are looking at this newsletter via the website then why not subscribe?  It costs nothing, you get an email alert and you never know what might be included! 

If there is a special category that interests you, subcsribe to that category (under Browse by Type) and you'll receive an alert when something new is added that.  So easy.

We were very pleased when the Geelong Advertiser, our outstanding local paper, had a feature in GT a few weeks ago with a story about our carnival and sideshow area.  Can't tell you how many shots it took to get me looking happy, but we got there!

You may have heard that Darryn Lyons has taken on the Elephant & Castle Hotel in McKillop St, East Geelong.  Darryn's been in and picked out a few things for the pub, which look great.  He did a spectacular job with the elephant at the top of the building, and the lights in the bar look wonderful.  Our favourite is the old cast iron hitching post featuring a horse head which Darryn installed outside the pub. 

         E And C_IMG_7182

                                              E And C_IMG_7179

        E And C_IMG_7186

                                      E And C_IMG_7185

Call in and see what Darryn's done with the Elephant & Castle and enjoy the hospitality!

Easter and the school holidays were busy.  We snapped this visitor who was looking for something exotic.  Let's just call her "Wendy".  She looked georgous!  We look forward to seeing Wendy back soon.


Finally - a little special for our subscribers.  This Grape Press is very neat and at $495 it is a bargain.  Let us know you read the newsletter and you can have it for $440.  It would also press fruit (apple or pear cider!), olives, or even tomatoes. Just click on this link to have a look.

Until next time, we hope to see you in the shop, or hear from you over the net.  Remember, there's plenty of items that aren't online, so if you are looking for something specific, send us an email and we'll see if we've got it!

Until next time.

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 3

Edition 3

If we had said "Free to a good home", at least we would have known that this Texaco Petrol Bowser is in a good home.  But it isn't - in a good home.

Texaco Pump _IMG_7026 Texaco Pump _IMG_7025

Sadly, at around 5am on Saturday April 14, this bowser was stolen from out the front of the shop.  The thieves broke through the front fence, unbolted the bowser from the concrete and stole it.  They obviously knew what they wanted.

It is always disappointing when something is stolen.  But we can be certain that those who took this aren't collectors - they want cash.  So if you happen to be offered a Texaco Bowser that seems too good a deal and looks like this one, call Pete, or call the police.

Not that we expect those that stole the bowser can read, but you were caught on our security camera and those details have been given to the police.

We'll be back next week with a good news item.  Until then...

Pete and Andrea Summers

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