News: June 2012

HB News 5

Edition 5

Hi again from team Bazaar.  It's been a while since the last newsletter which goes to show that the year is flying by - again!

Haven't been in to the shop for a while?  We've been busy re-arranging things, added some new showcases and consolidated a few of the areas so things are gathered together, like tools, toys, automobilia, etc.  It's looking good, so call by.

As always, we're on the lookout for the unusual, kooky and eye catching.  In the latter department, only this week we got hold of a beautiful Lambretta 150 Id motor scooter from the 1950's.  We were about to put it on the web when it sold!  Here's a photo just so you can see what it was like.

                                 Lambretta 150 Id_IMG_8257

With a bit of work we will have another motor scooter in a few weeks!

In case you didn't know (and you probably did) How Bazaar has a number of stallholders within the shop.  Many have been with us for a while and you will have seen them if you are a regular visitor.  One of our hard working stallholders is Michael O'Brien - stall 20 if you're ever looking for what is his.  Michael has extensive knowledge on pottery, glass, figurines, dinner settings, jewellery and collectables.  He is always happy to have a chat.  He also does the round of antique fairs, so keep an eye out for Michael.  Amongst his many items, he currently has a display of Australian Pottery so come in and have a look.

Pottery Range _IMG_8088

Andrea and I are about to take a little trip to escape the cold (isn't it like winters we used to get? - freezing and wet!).  But here's a special to warm you up while we're away.

We've had a number of good quality, Lead Light Crystal Display Cabinets come in recently.  This one  -     is in good condition and is listed at $495.  Ask for the newsletter special price and it's yours for $440.

                 Crystal Display Cabinet _IMG_8164

Till next time, stay warm - rug up if you come into the shop - it gets a tad chilly in here!

Pete and Andrea

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