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Hello all and a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Joyous Festive Season to you all!

A big thanks to you all at the end of a very busy year.  Our new website has been up and running for just under two years and it has brought fantastic new customers to us, whether that has been online buyers or those of you who have been attracted to visit us in the shop.

Yes, we are aware (as many of you are) that our website can be a bit slow!  Sadly, it doesn't have the processing power of eBay behind it, but some improvements have been made in the past week which has significantly improved its speed.  And we are working with our website developers to vastly improve things in the new year!

We trust you have enjoyed the walk-through of the shop that is linked on our home page.  Of course things change all the time in the shop, but it does give you a good idea of what the shop looks like and the sort of items we have in it.  We will look to update it annually.

So what has changed in the past couple of weeks?

Vinyl records from the 1960s onwards are always popular and many regulars ask if we've had any new records come in.  The answer is yes!  So many that we have restocked our upstairs record section with new records! 

Records _IMG_3778

Much of the old stock has been moved downstairs to make way and we have a new section with 12" singles - some rarities and collectables are hidden away in there!  We've checked all these records and the vinyl is in very good to excellent condition and the sleeves are good to very good condition.  Prices start at $10, but there are some bargains to be had in there!

Many of the records were sourced from one person and this person had a particular passion for Pink Floyd and artists associated with that band. In addition to many albums from the band, there are books, sheet music and this:

Floyd _IMG_3780

It is a woven rug, or wall hanging, featuring an image associated with Pink Floyd's seminal Wish You Were Here album.  And it's only $220!

There's several albums by Pink Floyd's initial singer, Syd Barrett, plus albums from Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour and some very special Pink Floyd releases.  Particularly, we have:

P.U.L.S.E. - A 1995 box set with 4 albums and book.  The vinyl and book is in very good condition and sells for anywhere bewteen $450 and $750.  We have it for $495, but newsletter readers can get it for $450!

A limited release of Dark Side of the Moon with a pink vinyl disc!  We have it for $195.

A unofficial release of Dark Side of the Moon on a picture disc (no cover) - $55.

On a non Pink Floyd matter, we also have a Limited Release (only in Australia) of the Small Faces first, self titled, album from the late 1960s. Small Faces _IMG_3783

As well as being rare and in good condition, the front cover fetaures the faces of the 4 band members.  The first two, Ian McLagan and Steve Marriott have signatures across them.  Of course, we cannot verify them, but they look authentic.  The Small Faces toured Australia with The Who in 1968.  $150.

If you've driven past the shop recently, you may have noticed that the Tardis is gone (ohhh), but we've been working on a new display - a replica of an old petrol station with Golden Fleece branding!

GF Shop _IMG_3779

It is a work in progress, but we reckon its looking good and is a tribute to one of our favourite Australian oil companies.

Finally, if you like radio controlled model airplanes, we have a fantastic new range! Planes _IMG_3786

Planes _IMG_3787

Planes _IMG_3788

Everything from a powered hang glider, a biplane, a Spitfire, through to a US Army Jet, and many more!

Again, have a great end of the year, thanks for supporting How Bazaar in 2013 and we look forward to seeing you next year!  We'll be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, otherwise open as per normal hours.

Till then - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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