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HB News 9

Edition 9

Hi subscribers - here's something very rare!

Garagenalia _IMG_2052

Yes, it's me!  Now you know why there's a caricature on the website.

Importantly, it is me standing in our revised, redesigned, reviewed and reworked Automobilia and Garagenalia area.  You will note the numbers of oil bottles in crates.  I'm just contemplating the aesthetic affect I'm looking to achieve.

If you've been looking at the website and browsing the Automobilia and Garagenalia section, you may have noted that there is not an oil bottle, can, tin, or associated item listed.  Of course, you will assume that we have sold it all.  You would be wrong!  (Although we have sold quite a bit so we are taking this opportunity to update the website.)

What opportunity is that?  Happily, I've managed to get hold of an enormous range of new stock.  All of it came from the one collection and includes a conical Plume Bowser, a magnificent Dunlop sign and over 1,000 new items, ranging from rare oil bottles, racks, cans, tins, ashtrays, diecast cars - the list goes on!  Here's a few pics:

 Garagenalia _IMG_2046

The Plume Bowser

 Garagenalia _IMG_2047

Part of the new Automobilia area

 Garagenalia _IMG_2049

A bit more of the display

 Garagenalia _IMG_2050

There'll be some Golden Fleece fans wanting to get at this

 Dunlop Sign _IMG_0738

The superb and very rare Dunlop enamel sign in fantastic condition with a curved border.

It is going to take a few weeks to get it all cleaned, priced and displayed - but I've begun!  It will take a few weeks more to get as much of this as we can on our website.  So if you are keen to get hold of something before it goes, call in to the shop and have a look around.  There are some real gems.

Until next time...


Pete and Andrea

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