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Hi there,

We've heard on the grapevine that some of our wonderful subscribers would like to hear about something other than oil bottles, bowsers and signs!

Happy to oblige!  That said, we will say that our new Automobilia items are gradually appearing on our website, so do have a look, or come in...

We have been very busy over the past month and a great deal of new stock has come in, leaving us struggling for room!  Which leads us to probably one of the best bargains we have been able to offer - ever.

Pictured below is various parts of an outstanding Board Room Table with eight Balloon Back Chairs.  The table is 12' x 6' (3.66m x 1.83m), the top comes in three sections and is inlaid with leather which is in very good condition.  The desk is late Victorian/early Edwardian and constructed in mahogany and pine, with eight drawers.

Board Room Table _IMG_2982  Board Room Table _IMG_2983

Board Room Table _IMG_2984  Board Room Table _IMG_2985

It is pictured in its various components as we just haven't got the space for it - at the moment.

The balloon back chairs are Victorian, mahogany timber and have been re-upholstered in leather, though not this was not done recently.

Board Room Chairs _IMG_2980   Board Room Chairs _IMG_2981

Yes, it's a very unusual setting and someone would want to have a very particular space and purpose for it.  But someone might - and that someone might be you - or someone you know.

We believe that the whole setting is worth around $12,000.  When we make some space and get it set up, we will put on sale for $5,495.  If you think it's something that would enhance your living area, or place of business, and you can take the setting before we do set it up, we are prepared to offer a very significant discount.  So big that we won't publish it here.  If you are genuinely interested, call, or send us an email, and we'll let you know how much we are prepared to part with it for.

What else is new?  We have had a few model planes come in.  There is a Radio Controlled one on our website, but here's a fantastic German aircraft model.

 German Model Airplane _IMG_2986 German Model Airplane _IMG_2990 

It looks like it would fly, but is purely for display purposes.  It has a 2m wingspan and we'll let it go for $2,495.

If you haven't been in for a while, it's well worth paying us a visit.  Much has changed and there's plenty of new stock.

Until next time...


Pete and Andrea

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