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HB News 11

Edition 11

Hello one and all,

Autumn has finally arrived, although it feels like winter!  With the downturn in the temperature, the downturn in the economy and the downturn in interest rates, now is a great time to come and have a look in store!  Yes, I've drawn something of a longbow there.  But you never know - I might just do a deal I wouldn't normally do.

Or browse on-line.  We'll never get to listing every item we have, but much of the new stuff gets added, especially if it is unusual - I refer you to the Knight's Helmet which has just arrived.

Just a reminder of our Subscription system for Categories of Types - click on the "S" next to a category, fill in your details and submit.  You will get a confirmation email with a link that you must click on to confirm your subscription.  When we add something new in that category, you will get an email with all the details of that item.  It's fun, as I often make typos in the description and don't pick them up until much later.

Here's an unusual item that's just come in - a fabulous 1920's original (except for the tyres) Shop Delivery Bicycle!

Delivery Bicycle _IMG_4461

Click on the pic to go to the description and more photos.  This is one of many items I'm willing to hire out to TV and Film production companies for shoots of period Australian shows.  We do this quite regularly, but what could be better than an original bike rolling past in the background while Asher Keddie strikes a dramatic pose in pinched waist ankle length dress.  But this not the place for my fancies.

Speaking of bikes, have a look at this Dragster replica from Germany.

Dragster _IMG_4361

It is a ripper of bike from KHE bikes.  And only $375!

What else?  We've had some new KISS Paraphenalia come in.  The last lot was very popular and there are now T Shirts and videos.

Finally, how can I resist a bit of Automobilia in a newsletter.  But no oil bottles this time!  Have a squiz at this Golden Fleece liveried refrigerator in the shape of a tinnie!

Golden _fleece _can _fridge _IMG_4351

It works and is on wheels.  You won't find another like it.

Come and say g'day if you're in the shop.  Or send me an email if you have any special requests for items we might have but haven't listed on the website.

If you haven't been in for a while, it's well worth paying us a visit.  Much has changed and there's plenty of new stock.

Until next time...


Pete and Andrea

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