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Hi all,

Sorry to have been out of communication for so long - things have been very busy (which is great), but that's no excuse!

So what's been happening?  Andrea and I had a fantastic trip to the USA to celebrate a significant milestone.  If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen some of pics and posts from the trip.  It was a great time and fantastic to to see another country and meet lots of people.

We also came across several antiques and collectables stores on the trip - many around Bakersfield CA.  We managed to pick up a few items, some of which we've listed on the site.  Some wonderful old toy and replica cars and a few signs.  Here's a VINTAGE JAPANESE "KING JEEP" TIN TOY CAR, which is an example of the great range of new stuff that's come in.

Speaking of which, here's a couple of new things that we have that we will be featuring in our annual trip to the RACV MotorClassica at Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building from October 25-27 in Carlton.

First up is this fantastic top and side opening Coca Cola Fridge.  We've had it re-sealed and refurbished and it looks of fantastic.  And it works!

Coca Cola _IMG_1446

It's been in the shop for a while, but we've only just got it working. There's been plenty of interest in it since we've had it, but this is the first time it's been available for sale - $2,500!

The other fabulous item that's come in is this beautiful antique Foamite Childs Fire Extinguisher!

Extinguisher _IMG_1442 Extinguisher _IMG_1444

It features cast iron wheels (with the Foamite brand from New York cast into the hub) and original brass fittings.  It's spectacular and was probably in use around the Melbourne railyards at the beginning of the 20th century. $3,500.

This is our fourth time at MotorClassica.  If you've never had a chance to call in and see us in North Geelong and you're in the Melbourne area, it's a great opportunity to come in, meet us (Andrea and I will be there all weekend) and have a look at some of the stuff we have.  Our exhibition won't just be Automobile items - we always bring along a variety of stuff.  Plus, MotorClassica has a vast range of classic cars on display!  They put on a great show and it's well worth coming in.  Yes, there are entry fees!

Hope to see you there, or in Geelong.


Pete and Andrea

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