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HB News 18

Edition 18

Hi there and welcome to the new financial year!

As usual, we've been on the look-out for the different, rare and unusual.  Well, we've just come into possession of hundreds of pairs of Levis Red Tag Jeans!

Of course that means we are very keen to sell some, so we thought we'd let you know.

A few things to be aware of:

  • They are all Women's Jeans
  • They are all Bell Bottoms (the size of the bell may vary, but we are talking a big flare)
  • The sizes range from a width of 25 to 30 (size 7 to 12, we believe), though there are not many 25s and very few 30s, with leg length of either 32 or 33.  There are heaps of the middle sizes.
  • Denim style varies - some black, quite a bit of faded, acid wash, regular and darker blue denim.  Some have the stressed look (fake repairs, etc).
  • There are some with 685 leather tags, but most don't have a leather tag, many don't have rear pockets, but all have the Red Tag.
  • They are all new and all shop tagged - they came from a shop liquidation and have marked prices of $79 reduced to $39 each.
  • Age is difficult to determine, but probably late '90s into the 2000s.  They have a barcode, so to say they a genuine vintage may be stretching things.  They are definitely a vintage style.
  • Some have been cut down into shorts and, if you're not a flare/bell bottom type of gal, this is probably a good idea.  We're cutting a few down ourselves.

Here's a few pics:

Jeans _IMG_0151

Jeans _IMG_0153

Jeans _IMG_0156

Jeans _IMG_0157

So - what's the deal? 

We're selling

1 pair of jeans for $10 - that's right $10! 

Or (wait for it)

3 pairs for $20.

Genuine Levis Jeans - 3 for $20! 

But wait - there's more!

No there isn't.

Till next time - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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