News: March 2014

HB News 15

Edition 15

Welcome to the next sporadic edition of HB News!

Happy to say we survived the summer (it did get a bit hot in here)!  Looking back at the last Edition where we featured New Records, unfortunately they were the major victims of the summer.  It wasn't the heat that got them, but the 2" of rain in 20 minutes!  The box gutter couldn't cope and dumped its contents into the record display.  As you can see in the pic below, the display was perfect for catching water.  Many were lost, but we look forward to new arrivals throughout the year.

Records _IMG_3778

Anyone out there watching The Block on Nine?  If so, and you've paid attention to Scott Cam's workshop, you may have noticed how much it looks like How Bazaar.  That would be because almost all of the decor in there - bowsers, tins, signs, the flight simulator, plus heaps more - is ours!  If you see anything there you fancy, let us know as it will be coming back.

We can't give anything away about the show, but we did have a visit late last year and had a beer with Scotty!

Fam And Cam

As you probably know, How Bazaar has had a Facebook Timeline for some time - I'm sure many of you are Friends! (thanks).  We have restarted our Business Facebook Page - How Bazaar Geelong.  So, if you have the time and inclination, we would really appreciate you Liking our Business Page, Sharing it with your Friends and Following us on Facebook.  If we can do the same for you, please let us know!

Here's a couple of special items that have come in recently:

Furphy Wheels _IMG_6489

A pair of Furphy Water Cart Wheels and Axle!  Very hard to come by and extremely popular!  Advertised at $750, but contact us for a Newsletter price!

AWA Radio _IMG_6184

This ripper AWA "Empire State" Building Radio is a real rarity.  In working order and fantastic condition, given its age, it won't last long!

Finally, thanks for supporting us!  The new website has been going for just over two years and it is growing in popularity.  If you have any comments or ideas about the website, please let us know!  We have managed to speed it up over the past couple of months - hope you noticed!  Tell your friends about us - and let them know that we buy and sell.  We're always looking for new and unusual stuff!

Till next time - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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