News: May 2014

HB News 17

Edition 17

Hello again!

It seems like only a week ago when last we spoke and here we are, having another chat.

Why?  Because we like you.  We like you so much we thought we'd give you a heads up and a very special offer!

We've just cleaned out an old Geelong church of its old timber pews.  They are baltic pine and oregon and are big!  Early 20th century.  We have 16 at the moment, but the two front pieces as pictured have sold.  They are 12' 6" long. 

Maybe you are looking at opening up your own church?  Or you have a really long table that needs to seat people on both sides?  Or a cafe/restaurant looking for a unique look?

Click in the picture to go to our listing.

Pews _IMG_8383

So, what's the deal?  We have them listed at $650 each.  For a very short time (let's say until the end of May), newsletter subscribers can have one for $450.  Or two for...  Or ten for...

Contact us if you want to have a chat about them!

Till next time - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 16

Edition 16

Hi all and welcome to another update!

Last edition we told you about Scott Cam's workshop on the The Block.  Since then, the season wrapped up and Scotty picked up the Gold Logie - congratulations!  This is so momentous we decided to show the photo of us with Scotty again!

Fam And Cam

It's no secret that The Block are making a new season for broadcast in the middle of 2014.  We wish them every success and look forward to seeing whether any How Bazaar-ness makes it on to the show!

We've just listed a new table on our website  - this fantastic industrial style table is made from an old ship's hull.  Click on the pic to have a closer look and go the website listing.

Ship Table _IMG_8122

The hulls were part of old couta boats that their owner decided to cut up.  We thought it's better to put them to some use than have them tossed out or burned.  The hull is jarrah and the curved structure supporting them is celery top pine.  We have some more pieces, pictured here:

Hull _IMG_8147

Hull _IMG_8149

They are really heavy, but wonderful pieces of maritime history that will be preserved in another form.  "Re-purposing" is the fashionable term for this activity. Next year it may well be "inventalisation".  Remember, you heard it here first.

Come in and see us soon.  We've had a major revamp of the store with new display areas and quite a lot of new items.  Moving stuff around always reveals things that have been hidden away for a while.  We've also re-grouped themed items together so that if you're looking for something particular it may well be located with similar things. A bit hard to do when everything we have is different, but hopefully it helps you find what it is you want!

Don't forget - follow us on Facebook at How Bazaar Geelong Have a look and give us some feedback.  We always update our Facebook with a photo of new and interesting stuff as often as possible!  It's not a sales pitch - just a photo of something we like.

Till next time - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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