News: December 2015

HB News 27

Edition 27

Season's greetings to you all!

Another year passes all too quickly.  We trust that yours has been fruitful and that you have a peaceful and safe holiday season!

The year at How Bazaar has been busy, interesting and sometimes surprising.  Thanks to all our patrons, be they online or visitors to the shop.  We've received many compliments from customers throughout the year about our little enterprise, many having noticed the care we take to layout the shop and many commenting to us that we are the best store of it's kind that they have seen.  We do take note of your comments and are grateful that people appreciate what we are trying to achieve.

Of course, year's end means Christmas and we would be remiss if we didn't remind you that we have thousands of unique gifts available!

We've recently received a range of original Carnival and Sideshow paraphernalia.  Travelling sideshow items are always popular, particularly as they often remind us of the fun (and naughty) times we may have had in our youth!

There's plenty of vintage Carousel Ride figures some that were part of Suspension Carousels

Suspended _Carousel _Horses _IMG_1023

and others that bolted on to the base of a carousel. 

Carousel _horse 1_IMG_1003

There are sideshow games like Rolling the Ball for a Prize,

Carnival _Ball _Game _IMG_1025

throw the ball into the milk can and great banners

Winning _Numbers _Banner _IMG_1043

Funland _Banner _IMG_1048

and signage

Jackpot _Prizes _Lightbox _IMG_1032

Have a look online or come in.

We've also discounted some of our most popular items such as the reproduction Peter's light up Ice Cream Cones

Peters _IMG_3215

and the Michelin Man lightbox cover/sign.

Michelin _Man _IMG_1007

Of course, newsletter subscribers will be well looked after.  So let us know that you receive the newsletter when you contact us!

We've also updated our Facebook page.  If you don't already like or follow us on Facebook or Instagram, it's always worth joining.  We often put the newest and latest items there and have had people lining up at the door the next morning to snap up the rare and unusual!

Again, have a wonderful festive season and we look forward to having a great 2016 with you all.

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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