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Edition 24

Hello there and welcome to the latest irregular newsletter!  A particularly warm welcome to our new subscribers.

The winter chill has set in which keeps the shop at a steady temperature.  So much so that we regularly open the fridge up to try and warm things up a bit!

An update on the last newsletter re our vinyl albums.  There has been a lot of interest and business has been brisk.  There are still some very good and rare records left, but I'd get in quick.  We also have a large range of 12" singles at very good prices with most starting at $5.

A regular question from customers visiting the shop is "Where does all this come from?" Well, as you'd expect, we buy the items we have sale. There are no wholesalers for second-hand goods, hence we have well over 10,000 different things.  Many people bring their stuff in, others call and ask if we would be interested and can we come and have a look - which we do!  The most efficient way is to send us some photos, tell us where you are and give us an idea how much you want for them.

Generally, when we get things in we give them a quick clean and put them out on the floor.  There are some things we do a bit of work on to make them more appealing.  A case in point is this Cash Register.

Coke Cash _ (2)

It came in as an old mechanical National Cash Register that needed a fair bit of work to get it going.  It is a late '60s to '70s model that had jammed up and was a bit clunky.  Then, to give it a unique look, it has been painted and now sports Coca-Cola advertising.  Ta-da! An old piece of junk becomes an appealing collectable!

As most of you would know, the market for antique furniture has dropped significantly.  That means we aren't buying as much furniture as we did ten years ago and, when we do, we aren't paying anywhere near what you might think they would be worth.  This does mean that if you're looking for a nice piece of antique/vintage furniture then there are bargains to be had!

This Antique Victorian Round Tilt Table is a great example of what we're talking about.

Tilt _IMG_2037

Made of mahogany timber, c1840s, it is a beautiful piece in great nick.  We've got it priced at $950, which is cheap.  And yes, we'd drop the price a bit further if you asked nicely!  Think $650!

If you call into the shop and you're a newsletter subscriber, let us know.  We're always happy to have a chat and look after you on price.  And if you have stuff to move on, we're very pleased to have a look at what you've got - bring in some pics!

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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