News: April 2016

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Hi there,

Andrea & I we're roaming round the shop this week, thinking that it's time to make some space. 

Being the adventurous types, I thought "why not do something we haven't done for years".  Andrea looked at me suspiciously.  I said" Let's have a SALE!".

And you, dear subscriber, can be the first to see the massive discounts we've put on some items.  I know - massive discounts is something you hear every day.  All those other phrases come to mind as well - Below Cost!, Over 50% Off!, Once in a Lifetime, etc.

Well some of those things apply to some of the items we have for sale, some don't.  That said, I can't cut these prices any lower, so if you're interested in anything, please don't ask for a further discount.

To see what's on offer, click the link below:


Call or call in.  Hope to see you here!

Peter & Andrea

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