News: January 2016

HB News 28

Edition 28

Welcome to the New Year!

Here we are again, wondering what the year will bring.  Hopefully success and prosperity for you all, sprinkled with a little joy. 

We had a vast number of visitors and customers over the holiday period - thanks to you all.  We are always pleased to hear your positive comments about the shop.  We do take some care in arranging and managing the in-store presentation.  With 12,000 different items, it's always a challenge to keep things navigable.  We do try to theme some areas and keep like with like.

So, what's new?  We've had some carnival and sideshow come in over the Christmas period.  There's some wonderful old banners, carousel ride figures and games! 

_Bar _Sideshow _Banner _IMG_1515

This pig carousel ride is c1920s and in excellent condition for its age!

Pig _Carousel _IMG_1112

We're looking forward to more coming in - there may even be some circus items and memorabilia (if we're lucky!). 

Keep an eye on the website, or better still, subscribe to the Carnival/Sideshow category and be the first to know!

We occasionally get enquiries as to whether we have any letters - ie: alphabet letters.  We've always has a few, but last week we came upon a truck full!  What's the collective noun for alphabet letters?  Maybe a "soup" of letters.  Here's a sample of what we have:

Letters _IMG_1592

Letters _IMG_1593

Letters _IMG_1594

Sizes range from the small to the very large.  Some are plastic, some metal, some light up. We've put a couple of them together into 'SUPER" (as in Super Petrol) light up signs.

Super _Lights _IMG_1588

Here's a couple of other thoughts we've had with the letters:

Letters _IMG_1596

Letters _IMG_1609

Prices range from $25 for an individual letter.  Buy a few and we can talk bulk price!

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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