News: June 2016

HB News 31


A Wintery Hello to all our newsletter subscribers!

Andrea & I have just returned from a trip to Vietnam (thanks to our daughters!) where the temperature was in the high 30s!  We've returned to a shop that barely gets above 10º.  Yes, GoT fans, winter is coming.

We know many of you haven't had the opportunity to come into the store or to meet us personally to say g'day.  That got us thinking we should us the ways to come to you and have a chat that are abundant via the interweb thingy.

So, How Bazaar now has a YouTube Channel where we do tours around the store, answer many of the common questions we get about how our business works and we'll be introducing you to some of our stallholders.  If you follow us on Facebook or keep an eye on our website, you may have already had a look at some of the clips we've put up.  We try to keep them short and (hopefully) a bit of fun!

Here's the link to the How Bazaar YouTube Channel.

We hope to see you soon!

Peter & Andrea

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