HB News 36

Edition 36

Hi all!

Keeping up with all the facets of this business can be time consuming.  Between Facebook (How Bazaar PS in case you've forgotten), online sales and running the shop, finding some time to write a newsletter can be tricky!

Well things haven't stood still since last we communicated with you.  Some of you might have seen us on the TV recently.  We had a little "incident" last week.  Nothing unusual - just another shoplifter thinking he'd like something for nothing.  Unfortunately for him, a good friend noticed that our taxidermy turtle was leaving us.  A chase ensued.  Then we ended up in the media!  Here's Channel 10's take on what happened.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 At 10.53.27 Am

We also turned up on Channels 7 & 9, many radio interviews and in the newspapers.  Jarrod and I had no idea what the result would be from trying to stop a thief!  It's just that we've had enough of people stealing from us.

If you haven't noticed, we have taken to making some short videos.  The idea is that it gives people some insight into how things actually work in this business (as distinct from what you see on TV).  We try and keep them short and fun, as well as informative.

For example, we recently purchased a large collection of swap and trade cards, including some real rarities of VFL cards.  Here's the little video we made:

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 At 10.58.31 Am

It takes some time to sort through all these cards and for those who might be interested in buying these collectables, it works best for us to put them on eBay.  We have an eBay Store where we often put things up for auction.  We always start things at a very reasonable price.  It's well worth following our eBay store to keep notified of what's available.

Every now and then we just make a video for fun!  Like this quick Tour de Shop.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 At 11.20.31 Am

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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