News: July 2018

How Bazaar Newsletter 39

Edition 39

Hi to all our loyal subscribers!

As you've probably noticed our email newsletters are getting fewer and further between. Times have changed but we havent been quiet, infact we've been extremely busy on the internet only these days most of our internet activity happens on the How Bazaar Facebook page or our eBay shop!

Our facebook page has been so busy that more often than not the items on there sell before we have a chance to upload them to our website or mention them in newsletters! You don't even have to join Facebook to see us, you can simply bookmark the How Bazaar Facebook page and check it regularly for new posts and videos.

On the facebook page you'll find a steady stream of photographs and videos of new products and interesting updates from the shop. If anything grabs your fancy all you need to do is phone us on 03 5278 5453 and discuss purchase and payment options!


Peter & Andrea

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