HB News 29

Hi there,

For the past 18 months we've been discussing a potential TV show based around How Bazaar with a major TV Production Company.  This has come from our involvement on The Block two years ago.

During this time the production company has developed a treatment for a new show.  Part of the treatment is based around the range of characters we meet, including customers, people we buy from and people who work in the shop.  The concept includes visiting places and having people bring stuff in.

In the April What's On Geelong we advertised two days of filming on April 8 and April 9 at How Bazaar.  The production company has pushed these dates back to:

Friday April 15 and Saturday April 16

10am to 4pm

At How Bazaar

NB: there will NOT be any filming on April 8 & 9.

The purpose of the filming is to see if the concept for the show works.

So, we're putting out a call for people to be involved!


We'll be assessing and, potentially, buying items from the public.

It will be a bit like Antiques Roadshow, except we'll look at anything you can bring in so long as it's old (ish) - and we might even buy it!

We'll look at anything, including:

Retro & vintage items

Oil & petrol stuff



Coins & Bank notes

Collectables - footy cards, cigarette cards






Hope to see you here!

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 28

Edition 28

Welcome to the New Year!

Here we are again, wondering what the year will bring.  Hopefully success and prosperity for you all, sprinkled with a little joy. 

We had a vast number of visitors and customers over the holiday period - thanks to you all.  We are always pleased to hear your positive comments about the shop.  We do take some care in arranging and managing the in-store presentation.  With 12,000 different items, it's always a challenge to keep things navigable.  We do try to theme some areas and keep like with like.

So, what's new?  We've had some carnival and sideshow come in over the Christmas period.  There's some wonderful old banners, carousel ride figures and games! 

_Bar _Sideshow _Banner _IMG_1515

This pig carousel ride is c1920s and in excellent condition for its age!

Pig _Carousel _IMG_1112

We're looking forward to more coming in - there may even be some circus items and memorabilia (if we're lucky!). 

Keep an eye on the website, or better still, subscribe to the Carnival/Sideshow category and be the first to know!

We occasionally get enquiries as to whether we have any letters - ie: alphabet letters.  We've always has a few, but last week we came upon a truck full!  What's the collective noun for alphabet letters?  Maybe a "soup" of letters.  Here's a sample of what we have:

Letters _IMG_1592

Letters _IMG_1593

Letters _IMG_1594

Sizes range from the small to the very large.  Some are plastic, some metal, some light up. We've put a couple of them together into 'SUPER" (as in Super Petrol) light up signs.

Super _Lights _IMG_1588

Here's a couple of other thoughts we've had with the letters:

Letters _IMG_1596

Letters _IMG_1609

Prices range from $25 for an individual letter.  Buy a few and we can talk bulk price!

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 27

Edition 27

Season's greetings to you all!

Another year passes all too quickly.  We trust that yours has been fruitful and that you have a peaceful and safe holiday season!

The year at How Bazaar has been busy, interesting and sometimes surprising.  Thanks to all our patrons, be they online or visitors to the shop.  We've received many compliments from customers throughout the year about our little enterprise, many having noticed the care we take to layout the shop and many commenting to us that we are the best store of it's kind that they have seen.  We do take note of your comments and are grateful that people appreciate what we are trying to achieve.

Of course, year's end means Christmas and we would be remiss if we didn't remind you that we have thousands of unique gifts available!

We've recently received a range of original Carnival and Sideshow paraphernalia.  Travelling sideshow items are always popular, particularly as they often remind us of the fun (and naughty) times we may have had in our youth!

There's plenty of vintage Carousel Ride figures some that were part of Suspension Carousels

Suspended _Carousel _Horses _IMG_1023

and others that bolted on to the base of a carousel. 

Carousel _horse 1_IMG_1003

There are sideshow games like Rolling the Ball for a Prize,

Carnival _Ball _Game _IMG_1025

throw the ball into the milk can and great banners

Winning _Numbers _Banner _IMG_1043

Funland _Banner _IMG_1048

and signage

Jackpot _Prizes _Lightbox _IMG_1032

Have a look online or come in.

We've also discounted some of our most popular items such as the reproduction Peter's light up Ice Cream Cones

Peters _IMG_3215

and the Michelin Man lightbox cover/sign.

Michelin _Man _IMG_1007

Of course, newsletter subscribers will be well looked after.  So let us know that you receive the newsletter when you contact us!

We've also updated our Facebook page.  If you don't already like or follow us on Facebook or Instagram, it's always worth joining.  We often put the newest and latest items there and have had people lining up at the door the next morning to snap up the rare and unusual!

Again, have a wonderful festive season and we look forward to having a great 2016 with you all.

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 26

Edition 26

Hello and welcome to How Bazaar at:

Small MCLogo

Yes, Andrea and I are making our annual trip to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton for Motorclassica.  It opened today!

We have set up an extensive range of items for the three days of Motorclassica.  It's a great chance for those of you in Melbourne to come in, meet Andrea and I and have a look at some of the fantatsic stock we have.  Oh, and you can also have a squizz at a huge number of extraordinary cars!

Plus, we received a large amount of automobilia and garagenalia last weekend.  We haven't had a chance to put it on the website or in the store, so Motorclassica is the first place to see it all and snap something up.  We sourced the items from a collector, so there's quite a lot of rare tins, cans and signs!

Here's some pics of our set up.

Motorclassica _2015_IMG_3434

Motorclassica _2015_IMG_3439

Motorclassica _2015_IMG_3432

Motorclassica _2015_IMG_3431

Motorclassica _2015_IMG_3437

Motorclassica _2015_IMG_3438

Hope to see you here.  Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 25

Edition 25

Here we go again - welcome to "Sporadic", the new title for the How Bazaar newsletter!

Spring has sprung, there's a wonderful fling to be flung, etc. (Frank Sinatra, "You Make Me Feel So Young".  I'm sure we have it on vinyl here somewhere.)

So, apart from wishing we were hibernating for winter, we have been keeping warm with hot broth, hearty stews and sheer hard work.  The hard work has entailed sourcing some antique and vintage railway signals and bells, making them presentable and getting them to work.  Here's some highlights (railway signals/high lights!, a great dad joke for the upcoming fathers' day.  Indeed, why not get dad one of these beauties for fathers' day?!):

First up is this Vintage Cast Iron Railway Signal Light, manufactured by Metropolitan Vickers GRS Ltd, Manchester England.  Circa late 19th/early 20th century, it has a green lens and comes with the stand.

Rail _Lamp _Stand _IMG_8585

It's $850, but Newsletter Subscribers can have it for $750.

Manufactured in the 1920s, this Railway Crossing Warning Bell was manufactured by Mackenzie & Holland Aus Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne & Brisbane.  What a great door chime!  Guaranteed to shock visitors and annoy neighbours within a radius of 200m!

Black _Rail _Bell _IMG_8605

It's $495, but Newsletter Subscribers can have it for $420!

There are other Railway items listed on the website and we'll be adding more over the coming weeks as we bring them up to scratch.

Speaking of the website, with so many new newsletter subscribers, it is timely to remind you all of the best way to be the first to know when something you might be interested in is added to the website.  It's called Subscribe to a Category and, as far as we can tell, we are the only secondhand dealer offering such a fabulous service!

"Ooooh, exciting!" we can hear you squeal with delight!  "But how does it work?", you are now thinking.  "And why would you take the time and expense to establish such a wonderful thing?" is, no doubt, passing through your mind.  One question at a time, goodly subscribers!  All will be revealed.

So, next to the list of Categories on the website is an "S".  S is for Subscribe.  Click on the "S" next to a category you are interested in, a dialogue box comes up (you may have to unblock pop-up windows on your browser), fill in your details and submit.  You will get a confirmation email with a link that you must click to confirm your subscription.  When we add something new in that category, you will get an email with all the details of that item.  If it's not what you're looking for, that's where the Delete button works well.  Every email has an "Unsubscribe" link in it, so if you get sick of us you can (coldly and impersonally) stop receiving them.  We won't even know!

Why have set this up?  Because every day we are asked "Can you keep my details and when (whatever it is I want) comes in, give me a call?"  No we can't.  If we did, we'd have to employ someone just to administer that system.  Additionally, we have no idea when whatever it is you want will come in.  But when things do come into the shop, and we think you'd be interested in them, they go on the website - every week!  And if you're subscribed to the Category (and we always use more than one category for each item), you will be the first to know!  How good is that?

If you have been into the shop recently, you've probably seen our newest stallholder working the till, slaving away in the workshop, or sitting on his arse with his phone.  This is how to recognise Jarrod (or Gerard, as everyone else calls him):


He does have a great range of eclectic collectables, specialising in telephones, radios and other quirky bits from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Don't forget, we are also on Facebook and Instagram.  Both media have the freshest of the fresh items as they come in.

Our annual trip up the Melbourne Freeway to Motorclassica is coming up in October at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton.  Come in and have a look at the great cars and, if you rarely get to Geelong, we'll be there with a great range of stuff to have a look at and buy.  More details at:

Small MCLogo

Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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