HB News 23

Edition 23

An autumnal hello to you all!

Things are rarely at a standstill here at How Bazaar and the last couple of months have proved no exception.

We have a very loyal clientele whose main interest is vinyl records.  If you haven't called by in the past couple of weeks, then we are pleased to let you know that we recently received a large and fantastic collection of vinyl.  So large that it has taken over a week to inspect and price them all.  So fantastic that we've built a new display unit to show them all!

Records _IMG_5347

Records _IMG_5348

There were at least 1500 vinyl records and a very eclectic collection of (mostly) rock 'n' roll.  The collector was Peter Duffy (we can be certain of this as he stamped his name on many of them and often with the date he acquired them).  We're led to believe he was one of the founders of 3RRR FM radio station.  Clearly, his interest is the vinyl and the music, as the vinyl is mostly in very good to near mint condition, but the covers are often quite worn.

We cannot go through all the titles here, but there are very few that we have previously had.  There are bootleg rarities, some Australian rarities and some artists who haven't previously come through our doors.  A great collection of Bob Dylan, David Bowie and quite a lot of The Beatles, but others like Captain Beefheart, Doctor John, Donovan, The Kinks, Daddy Cool, etc.  There's also some very rare compilation albums and quite a few 12" singles.  The genres cover classic rock, through pop, funk, jazz and fusion, disco and folk.

If you're interested in rare vinyl, now is the time to pay a visit and it's well worth a trip from Melbourne as the good ones won't be here for very long.  The prices range from $4 up, with many around the $10 - $20 and some of the rarities are a bit more.  We know you will find that our prices are very competitive.

We are also very pleased to announce that we have a new Stallholder in How Bazaar.  Jarrod Carney has quite a range of interesting items and they are well priced.  Here's some pics of Jarrod's area.

Stall 6_IMG_5359 Stall 6_IMG_5360

Stall 6_IMG_5361 Stall 6_IMG_5362

Stall 6_IMG_5363

Come in and have look at Jarrod's stall - No 6.

Finally, following our last, sad, newsletter, we were privileged to attend Michael O'Brien's funeral in Mount Gambier.  A great celebration of Michael's life with a large of number of his family and friends in attendance.  And without being too macabre, Mick went out in style - definitely the coolest hearse we've ever seen!


Till next time, cheers,

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 22

Edition 22

Today's newsletter is short and not the sort of news we like to post.


We've just received some very sad news.  Many of you who have visited the shop over the years may have met Michael O'Brien (seated) who was a long term stallholder and employee here at How Bazaar.  Sadly, Michael passed away yesterday after a short illness.

Michael had a passion for antiques and collectables and was very skilled and knowledgeable when it came to pottery, porcelain, ceramics and glass.  After many years with us, Michael left to establish his own business, Charlicks Bazaar, in Mount Gambier.  Michael had worked very hard and was enjoying success with his business when he became ill.

Everyone at How Bazaar sends our sympathy to all his family and many friends.  We share your loss.

Vale Michael O'Brien.

Peter & Andrea

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HB News 21

Edition 21

Hi all and a (belated) welcome to the New Year.

It was a very busy Christmas and holiday period for us and there have been a few changes around the store.

The first is that we have a new stall holder (a very rare occurrence) - Junked.

Junkd _IMG_3694

Junkd _IMG_3697

They have a range of collectables including toys, furniture, automobilia, signs, etc.  They also specialise in restorations, and would be willing to discuss any restorations you may be considering.  Call in and have a look at what they've got - they will be adding stock on a regular basis.

A little reminder why it's worth Subscribing to the Categories on our website.  We have been waiting for some time to get our hands on the reproduction Peters Ice Cream Cone lights. 

Peters _IMG_3212

We finally received seven of them last week, listed them on the website and they have now all sold!  A lot of people had subscribed to the "Signs" and/or "Lighting" categories on our website and received an email alert when the Peters' cones were listed.  Several people snapped them up via the website!

So, here's how it works:

  • Go to our website (or if you're reading this newsletter on the website, they are listed to the left of the screen)
  • Down the left hand side are all the Categories we use.  Items are often listed in more than one Category.
  • Click on the "S" next to the Category you would like to receive information about.
  • Fill in your details (name and email address) and click Submit.
  • You will receive an email from us with a link to confirm your subscription - you must click on that link or it just won't work!
  • Whenever we add something to the website in that Category, you will automatically receive an email with photos, description, dimensions and price.

If you don't receive the confirmation email, go back and try it again - sometimes a simple typo means it won't get to you.

Yes, you will receive emails about things you don't want - delete them!  Every email we send has an Unsubscribe link on it so you always have that option.

We got our hands on a Gilbert & Barker (Gilbarco) Glass Top Manual Pump/bowser last week.  It is in good nick and the top is glass (not plastic).

Gilbarco _IMG_4174

It is a very reasonable $4,950 at the moment.  Get in quick if you're interested.

Till next time - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 20

Edition 20

Where did the year go!  Here we are at the happiest time of the year again (unless you're my oldest brother who makes Scrooge look like Santa Claus).

It's been a big year - our appearance on The Block & our stall at Motorclassica have been a major focus (outside of the shop) and both have been very successful.  We caught up with quite a few people at Motorclassica last October and we'll be back there again in 2015.  If you weren't there here's a pic or three. 




It occured to Andrea and I the other day that we have been here at How Bazaar for 10 years now - well done to us!  More importantly, thank you for your interest and patronage over the years.  Things have changed markedly over that time.  Much of what was in fashion ten years ago is worth a fraction of what it was.  Antique furniture springs to mind.  And old petrol bowsers that you could pick up for a couple of hundred bucks are now like the proverbial hen's teeth and what is available isn't cheap.  So, again, thanks for keeping us going.

You may be interested in a few bargains in this the gift buying season.  Here's a few "specials" and if you come into the shop, or give me a call, I'll make sure you're looked after.

Locker _IMG_2954

We have two of these Industrial Lockers.  We have them at $450, but we'll let a subscriber have them at $400 each!

Bureau _IMG_3214

Here's a great vintage Drop Down Desk/Writing Bureau.  Currently $350, yours for $295.

Boomaroo _IMG_3225

Very collectable c1950s Australian made Boomaroo Toy Cash Register.  $145 but I'll let it go for $120.

GF_Blue _IMG_9647

Finally, here's the old petrol bowser you buy when you don't really have the space for a petrol bowser.  This Repro Bowser in Golden Fleece Livery is $1,250.  Pre Xmas, I'll let it go for $1,100.

Till next time - cheers and have great Festive Season!

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 19

Edition 19

Hi all,

Welcome back to another (intermittent) episode in goings on at How Bazaar.

Anyone who has a passing interest in The Block may have caught us in the last season - The Glasshouse!  The Block filmed their "Love Thy Neighbour" Challenge at How Bazaar and it screened on August 6 (here's a clip).  The Shop and the Challenge results kept popping up throughout the season and we have received some fantastic recognition, feedback and increased visitors through The Block.

Here's some pics of the filming day:


The Contestants are briefed by Shelley on the day's requirements.


The crew - we had to close the shop for the day.  Over 40 people!


Shelley offers some advice - they didn't take it!


Works are underway.


Dee lends a guiding opinion.


Challenge Judges.


The Winner!


The product we liked!

Without boring you with details, our website went ballistic on the night of the screening.  We had anticipated this and had our IT suppliers get ready for this (thanks GravIT).  They told us it peaked at 4 million bits of data a second!

The Block returns in 2015 and our association with the production continues.  Keep an eye out for us next year.

We are now in the throes of getting ready for Motorclassica this weekend at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.  If you've never had a chance to call in and see us in North Geelong and you're in the Melbourne area, it's a great opportunity to come in, meet us (Andrea and I will be there all weekend) and have a look at some of the stuff we have.  Our exhibition won't be only Automobile items - we always bring along a variety of stuff.  Plus, Motorclassica has a vast range of classic cars on display!  They put on a great show and it's well worth coming in.  Yes, there are entry fees!

If you haven't called into the shop lately, things have changed (again).  We have a new section with some fantastic items with an Asian flavour.  Here's a couple of items (click on the pics for the details):

Persian _IMG_1909

Rice _IMG_2045

Animae Cupboard _IMG_1911

There's a whole more from small items, crockery, furniture and odd bits!

We've had lots of peeks into the workshop where we've been working on three Laughing Clown Sideshow games.  Good news - they're ready and out on the shop floor!  Click on the pic for details:

Green Clown _IMG_1984

Finally, for those who have a leaning towards the Automobilia side of things, here is an absolute beauty of a Golden Fleece 1 Quart Oil Bottle and Pourer.  It features the rare Hex Logo on the Bottle.  We will have it at Motorclassica, so come and have a look at it!

GF_Hex Bottle _IMG_2150

Hope to see you at Motorclassica, or in Geelong.


Pete and Andrea

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