HB News 18

Edition 18

Hi there and welcome to the new financial year!

As usual, we've been on the look-out for the different, rare and unusual.  Well, we've just come into possession of hundreds of pairs of Levis Red Tag Jeans!

Of course that means we are very keen to sell some, so we thought we'd let you know.

A few things to be aware of:

  • They are all Women's Jeans
  • They are all Bell Bottoms (the size of the bell may vary, but we are talking a big flare)
  • The sizes range from a width of 25 to 30 (size 7 to 12, we believe), though there are not many 25s and very few 30s, with leg length of either 32 or 33.  There are heaps of the middle sizes.
  • Denim style varies - some black, quite a bit of faded, acid wash, regular and darker blue denim.  Some have the stressed look (fake repairs, etc).
  • There are some with 685 leather tags, but most don't have a leather tag, many don't have rear pockets, but all have the Red Tag.
  • They are all new and all shop tagged - they came from a shop liquidation and have marked prices of $79 reduced to $39 each.
  • Age is difficult to determine, but probably late '90s into the 2000s.  They have a barcode, so to say they a genuine vintage may be stretching things.  They are definitely a vintage style.
  • Some have been cut down into shorts and, if you're not a flare/bell bottom type of gal, this is probably a good idea.  We're cutting a few down ourselves.

Here's a few pics:

Jeans _IMG_0151

Jeans _IMG_0153

Jeans _IMG_0156

Jeans _IMG_0157

So - what's the deal? 

We're selling

1 pair of jeans for $10 - that's right $10! 

Or (wait for it)

3 pairs for $20.

Genuine Levis Jeans - 3 for $20! 

But wait - there's more!

No there isn't.

Till next time - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 17

Edition 17

Hello again!

It seems like only a week ago when last we spoke and here we are, having another chat.

Why?  Because we like you.  We like you so much we thought we'd give you a heads up and a very special offer!

We've just cleaned out an old Geelong church of its old timber pews.  They are baltic pine and oregon and are big!  Early 20th century.  We have 16 at the moment, but the two front pieces as pictured have sold.  They are 12' 6" long. 

Maybe you are looking at opening up your own church?  Or you have a really long table that needs to seat people on both sides?  Or a cafe/restaurant looking for a unique look?

Click in the picture to go to our listing.

Pews _IMG_8383

So, what's the deal?  We have them listed at $650 each.  For a very short time (let's say until the end of May), newsletter subscribers can have one for $450.  Or two for...  Or ten for...

Contact us if you want to have a chat about them!

Till next time - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 16

Edition 16

Hi all and welcome to another update!

Last edition we told you about Scott Cam's workshop on the The Block.  Since then, the season wrapped up and Scotty picked up the Gold Logie - congratulations!  This is so momentous we decided to show the photo of us with Scotty again!

Fam And Cam

It's no secret that The Block are making a new season for broadcast in the middle of 2014.  We wish them every success and look forward to seeing whether any How Bazaar-ness makes it on to the show!

We've just listed a new table on our website  - this fantastic industrial style table is made from an old ship's hull.  Click on the pic to have a closer look and go the website listing.

Ship Table _IMG_8122

The hulls were part of old couta boats that their owner decided to cut up.  We thought it's better to put them to some use than have them tossed out or burned.  The hull is jarrah and the curved structure supporting them is celery top pine.  We have some more pieces, pictured here:

Hull _IMG_8147

Hull _IMG_8149

They are really heavy, but wonderful pieces of maritime history that will be preserved in another form.  "Re-purposing" is the fashionable term for this activity. Next year it may well be "inventalisation".  Remember, you heard it here first.

Come in and see us soon.  We've had a major revamp of the store with new display areas and quite a lot of new items.  Moving stuff around always reveals things that have been hidden away for a while.  We've also re-grouped themed items together so that if you're looking for something particular it may well be located with similar things. A bit hard to do when everything we have is different, but hopefully it helps you find what it is you want!

Don't forget - follow us on Facebook at How Bazaar Geelong Have a look and give us some feedback.  We always update our Facebook with a photo of new and interesting stuff as often as possible!  It's not a sales pitch - just a photo of something we like.

Till next time - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 15

Edition 15

Welcome to the next sporadic edition of HB News!

Happy to say we survived the summer (it did get a bit hot in here)!  Looking back at the last Edition where we featured New Records, unfortunately they were the major victims of the summer.  It wasn't the heat that got them, but the 2" of rain in 20 minutes!  The box gutter couldn't cope and dumped its contents into the record display.  As you can see in the pic below, the display was perfect for catching water.  Many were lost, but we look forward to new arrivals throughout the year.

Records _IMG_3778

Anyone out there watching The Block on Nine?  If so, and you've paid attention to Scott Cam's workshop, you may have noticed how much it looks like How Bazaar.  That would be because almost all of the decor in there - bowsers, tins, signs, the flight simulator, plus heaps more - is ours!  If you see anything there you fancy, let us know as it will be coming back.

We can't give anything away about the show, but we did have a visit late last year and had a beer with Scotty!

Fam And Cam

As you probably know, How Bazaar has had a Facebook Timeline for some time - I'm sure many of you are Friends! (thanks).  We have restarted our Business Facebook Page - How Bazaar Geelong.  So, if you have the time and inclination, we would really appreciate you Liking our Business Page, Sharing it with your Friends and Following us on Facebook.  If we can do the same for you, please let us know!

Here's a couple of special items that have come in recently:

Furphy Wheels _IMG_6489

A pair of Furphy Water Cart Wheels and Axle!  Very hard to come by and extremely popular!  Advertised at $750, but contact us for a Newsletter price!

AWA Radio _IMG_6184

This ripper AWA "Empire State" Building Radio is a real rarity.  In working order and fantastic condition, given its age, it won't last long!

Finally, thanks for supporting us!  The new website has been going for just over two years and it is growing in popularity.  If you have any comments or ideas about the website, please let us know!  We have managed to speed it up over the past couple of months - hope you noticed!  Tell your friends about us - and let them know that we buy and sell.  We're always looking for new and unusual stuff!

Till next time - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 14

Hello all and a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Joyous Festive Season to you all!

A big thanks to you all at the end of a very busy year.  Our new website has been up and running for just under two years and it has brought fantastic new customers to us, whether that has been online buyers or those of you who have been attracted to visit us in the shop.

Yes, we are aware (as many of you are) that our website can be a bit slow!  Sadly, it doesn't have the processing power of eBay behind it, but some improvements have been made in the past week which has significantly improved its speed.  And we are working with our website developers to vastly improve things in the new year!

We trust you have enjoyed the walk-through of the shop that is linked on our home page.  Of course things change all the time in the shop, but it does give you a good idea of what the shop looks like and the sort of items we have in it.  We will look to update it annually.

So what has changed in the past couple of weeks?

Vinyl records from the 1960s onwards are always popular and many regulars ask if we've had any new records come in.  The answer is yes!  So many that we have restocked our upstairs record section with new records! 

Records _IMG_3778

Much of the old stock has been moved downstairs to make way and we have a new section with 12" singles - some rarities and collectables are hidden away in there!  We've checked all these records and the vinyl is in very good to excellent condition and the sleeves are good to very good condition.  Prices start at $10, but there are some bargains to be had in there!

Many of the records were sourced from one person and this person had a particular passion for Pink Floyd and artists associated with that band. In addition to many albums from the band, there are books, sheet music and this:

Floyd _IMG_3780

It is a woven rug, or wall hanging, featuring an image associated with Pink Floyd's seminal Wish You Were Here album.  And it's only $220!

There's several albums by Pink Floyd's initial singer, Syd Barrett, plus albums from Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour and some very special Pink Floyd releases.  Particularly, we have:

P.U.L.S.E. - A 1995 box set with 4 albums and book.  The vinyl and book is in very good condition and sells for anywhere bewteen $450 and $750.  We have it for $495, but newsletter readers can get it for $450!

A limited release of Dark Side of the Moon with a pink vinyl disc!  We have it for $195.

A unofficial release of Dark Side of the Moon on a picture disc (no cover) - $55.

On a non Pink Floyd matter, we also have a Limited Release (only in Australia) of the Small Faces first, self titled, album from the late 1960s. Small Faces _IMG_3783

As well as being rare and in good condition, the front cover fetaures the faces of the 4 band members.  The first two, Ian McLagan and Steve Marriott have signatures across them.  Of course, we cannot verify them, but they look authentic.  The Small Faces toured Australia with The Who in 1968.  $150.

If you've driven past the shop recently, you may have noticed that the Tardis is gone (ohhh), but we've been working on a new display - a replica of an old petrol station with Golden Fleece branding!

GF Shop _IMG_3779

It is a work in progress, but we reckon its looking good and is a tribute to one of our favourite Australian oil companies.

Finally, if you like radio controlled model airplanes, we have a fantastic new range! Planes _IMG_3786

Planes _IMG_3787

Planes _IMG_3788

Everything from a powered hang glider, a biplane, a Spitfire, through to a US Army Jet, and many more!

Again, have a great end of the year, thanks for supporting How Bazaar in 2013 and we look forward to seeing you next year!  We'll be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, otherwise open as per normal hours.

Till then - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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