HB News 14

Hello all and a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Joyous Festive Season to you all!

A big thanks to you all at the end of a very busy year.  Our new website has been up and running for just under two years and it has brought fantastic new customers to us, whether that has been online buyers or those of you who have been attracted to visit us in the shop.

Yes, we are aware (as many of you are) that our website can be a bit slow!  Sadly, it doesn't have the processing power of eBay behind it, but some improvements have been made in the past week which has significantly improved its speed.  And we are working with our website developers to vastly improve things in the new year!

We trust you have enjoyed the walk-through of the shop that is linked on our home page.  Of course things change all the time in the shop, but it does give you a good idea of what the shop looks like and the sort of items we have in it.  We will look to update it annually.

So what has changed in the past couple of weeks?

Vinyl records from the 1960s onwards are always popular and many regulars ask if we've had any new records come in.  The answer is yes!  So many that we have restocked our upstairs record section with new records! 

Records _IMG_3778

Much of the old stock has been moved downstairs to make way and we have a new section with 12" singles - some rarities and collectables are hidden away in there!  We've checked all these records and the vinyl is in very good to excellent condition and the sleeves are good to very good condition.  Prices start at $10, but there are some bargains to be had in there!

Many of the records were sourced from one person and this person had a particular passion for Pink Floyd and artists associated with that band. In addition to many albums from the band, there are books, sheet music and this:

Floyd _IMG_3780

It is a woven rug, or wall hanging, featuring an image associated with Pink Floyd's seminal Wish You Were Here album.  And it's only $220!

There's several albums by Pink Floyd's initial singer, Syd Barrett, plus albums from Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour and some very special Pink Floyd releases.  Particularly, we have:

P.U.L.S.E. - A 1995 box set with 4 albums and book.  The vinyl and book is in very good condition and sells for anywhere bewteen $450 and $750.  We have it for $495, but newsletter readers can get it for $450!

A limited release of Dark Side of the Moon with a pink vinyl disc!  We have it for $195.

A unofficial release of Dark Side of the Moon on a picture disc (no cover) - $55.

On a non Pink Floyd matter, we also have a Limited Release (only in Australia) of the Small Faces first, self titled, album from the late 1960s. Small Faces _IMG_3783

As well as being rare and in good condition, the front cover fetaures the faces of the 4 band members.  The first two, Ian McLagan and Steve Marriott have signatures across them.  Of course, we cannot verify them, but they look authentic.  The Small Faces toured Australia with The Who in 1968.  $150.

If you've driven past the shop recently, you may have noticed that the Tardis is gone (ohhh), but we've been working on a new display - a replica of an old petrol station with Golden Fleece branding!

GF Shop _IMG_3779

It is a work in progress, but we reckon its looking good and is a tribute to one of our favourite Australian oil companies.

Finally, if you like radio controlled model airplanes, we have a fantastic new range! Planes _IMG_3786

Planes _IMG_3787

Planes _IMG_3788

Everything from a powered hang glider, a biplane, a Spitfire, through to a US Army Jet, and many more!

Again, have a great end of the year, thanks for supporting How Bazaar in 2013 and we look forward to seeing you next year!  We'll be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, otherwise open as per normal hours.

Till then - cheers!

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 13

Edition 13

Hi all,

Sorry to have been out of communication for so long - things have been very busy (which is great), but that's no excuse!

So what's been happening?  Andrea and I had a fantastic trip to the USA to celebrate a significant milestone.  If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen some of pics and posts from the trip.  It was a great time and fantastic to to see another country and meet lots of people.

We also came across several antiques and collectables stores on the trip - many around Bakersfield CA.  We managed to pick up a few items, some of which we've listed on the site.  Some wonderful old toy and replica cars and a few signs.  Here's a VINTAGE JAPANESE "KING JEEP" TIN TOY CAR, which is an example of the great range of new stuff that's come in.

Speaking of which, here's a couple of new things that we have that we will be featuring in our annual trip to the RACV MotorClassica at Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building from October 25-27 in Carlton.

First up is this fantastic top and side opening Coca Cola Fridge.  We've had it re-sealed and refurbished and it looks of fantastic.  And it works!

Coca Cola _IMG_1446

It's been in the shop for a while, but we've only just got it working. There's been plenty of interest in it since we've had it, but this is the first time it's been available for sale - $2,500!

The other fabulous item that's come in is this beautiful antique Foamite Childs Fire Extinguisher!

Extinguisher _IMG_1442 Extinguisher _IMG_1444

It features cast iron wheels (with the Foamite brand from New York cast into the hub) and original brass fittings.  It's spectacular and was probably in use around the Melbourne railyards at the beginning of the 20th century. $3,500.

This is our fourth time at MotorClassica.  If you've never had a chance to call in and see us in North Geelong and you're in the Melbourne area, it's a great opportunity to come in, meet us (Andrea and I will be there all weekend) and have a look at some of the stuff we have.  Our exhibition won't just be Automobile items - we always bring along a variety of stuff.  Plus, MotorClassica has a vast range of classic cars on display!  They put on a great show and it's well worth coming in.  Yes, there are entry fees!

Hope to see you there, or in Geelong.


Pete and Andrea

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HB News 12


Black Bear Skin 2_IMG_5739




Well, not exactly lost.  STOLEN is more the case.  Sometime between Wednesday August 21 and Friday August 23, a our black bear skin was taken.  As I write this, we're pouring through our video footage and we will find you.

So, if you happen to come across a black bear skin, attached to red felt with black backing material, it is ours.  I cannot fathom the thinking of whoever has taken the bear. 

If anyone can assist with recovering the skin, my gratitude will have a monetary value.

I'll be in touch soon with an update on our recent travels to the US of A.  Had a great time and met some fascinating people.

More to come...

Pete & Andrea.

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HB News 11

Edition 11

Hello one and all,

Autumn has finally arrived, although it feels like winter!  With the downturn in the temperature, the downturn in the economy and the downturn in interest rates, now is a great time to come and have a look in store!  Yes, I've drawn something of a longbow there.  But you never know - I might just do a deal I wouldn't normally do.

Or browse on-line.  We'll never get to listing every item we have, but much of the new stuff gets added, especially if it is unusual - I refer you to the Knight's Helmet which has just arrived.

Just a reminder of our Subscription system for Categories of Types - click on the "S" next to a category, fill in your details and submit.  You will get a confirmation email with a link that you must click on to confirm your subscription.  When we add something new in that category, you will get an email with all the details of that item.  It's fun, as I often make typos in the description and don't pick them up until much later.

Here's an unusual item that's just come in - a fabulous 1920's original (except for the tyres) Shop Delivery Bicycle!

Delivery Bicycle _IMG_4461

Click on the pic to go to the description and more photos.  This is one of many items I'm willing to hire out to TV and Film production companies for shoots of period Australian shows.  We do this quite regularly, but what could be better than an original bike rolling past in the background while Asher Keddie strikes a dramatic pose in pinched waist ankle length dress.  But this not the place for my fancies.

Speaking of bikes, have a look at this Dragster replica from Germany.

Dragster _IMG_4361

It is a ripper of bike from KHE bikes.  And only $375!

What else?  We've had some new KISS Paraphenalia come in.  The last lot was very popular and there are now T Shirts and videos.

Finally, how can I resist a bit of Automobilia in a newsletter.  But no oil bottles this time!  Have a squiz at this Golden Fleece liveried refrigerator in the shape of a tinnie!

Golden _fleece _can _fridge _IMG_4351

It works and is on wheels.  You won't find another like it.

Come and say g'day if you're in the shop.  Or send me an email if you have any special requests for items we might have but haven't listed on the website.

If you haven't been in for a while, it's well worth paying us a visit.  Much has changed and there's plenty of new stock.

Until next time...


Pete and Andrea

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HB News 10

Edition 10

Hi there,

We've heard on the grapevine that some of our wonderful subscribers would like to hear about something other than oil bottles, bowsers and signs!

Happy to oblige!  That said, we will say that our new Automobilia items are gradually appearing on our website, so do have a look, or come in...

We have been very busy over the past month and a great deal of new stock has come in, leaving us struggling for room!  Which leads us to probably one of the best bargains we have been able to offer - ever.

Pictured below is various parts of an outstanding Board Room Table with eight Balloon Back Chairs.  The table is 12' x 6' (3.66m x 1.83m), the top comes in three sections and is inlaid with leather which is in very good condition.  The desk is late Victorian/early Edwardian and constructed in mahogany and pine, with eight drawers.

Board Room Table _IMG_2982  Board Room Table _IMG_2983

Board Room Table _IMG_2984  Board Room Table _IMG_2985

It is pictured in its various components as we just haven't got the space for it - at the moment.

The balloon back chairs are Victorian, mahogany timber and have been re-upholstered in leather, though not this was not done recently.

Board Room Chairs _IMG_2980   Board Room Chairs _IMG_2981

Yes, it's a very unusual setting and someone would want to have a very particular space and purpose for it.  But someone might - and that someone might be you - or someone you know.

We believe that the whole setting is worth around $12,000.  When we make some space and get it set up, we will put on sale for $5,495.  If you think it's something that would enhance your living area, or place of business, and you can take the setting before we do set it up, we are prepared to offer a very significant discount.  So big that we won't publish it here.  If you are genuinely interested, call, or send us an email, and we'll let you know how much we are prepared to part with it for.

What else is new?  We have had a few model planes come in.  There is a Radio Controlled one on our website, but here's a fantastic German aircraft model.

 German Model Airplane _IMG_2986 German Model Airplane _IMG_2990 

It looks like it would fly, but is purely for display purposes.  It has a 2m wingspan and we'll let it go for $2,495.

If you haven't been in for a while, it's well worth paying us a visit.  Much has changed and there's plenty of new stock.

Until next time...


Pete and Andrea

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