HB News 8

Edition 8

Welcome to 2013 from How Bazaar!  We trust your festive season was enjoyable and that you have been able to have a bit of a break from whatever takes up most of your time.

Things have been very busy around the shop over the holiday period - lots of visitors with many wonderful comments from people about the range of items we have and the layout of the shop.

Following up from our stall at Motorclassica in 2012 (Edition 7), we will be coming back to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton for the 48th Victorian Hot Rod Show from January 25 to 28, 2013.  We will be upstairs with Retro & Rare, one of our stallholders here at How Bazaar.  Come in for a look (there'll be some "hot" cars to look at as well!).

One of the interesting components of trading in oldwares, collectables and secondhand goods are the stories that we collect along with the goods.  Some of them are not printable (I'm always happy to spend a moment telling a good story), but many certainly add to the interest of a particular item.

A case in point is the large range of apothecary - old Chemist's bottles and paraphenalia from the early 20th century - that we purchased last year.  Sourced from Central Victoria, they are from a multi-generational family of pharmicists.  He rang (out of the blue) to see if we were interested in coming for a look.  Once he gave his name (let's call him Dave), I recognised him immediately as the pharmacist who gave my sister in law her first job and who continued to work for him for many years.  Having made that connection, it also turns out that his son went to college in Melbourne with another of my sisters in law.  As dad always says, coincidence occurs more than non coincidence!

Here's a pic and link to what we purchased:

         Range Apothecary _IMG_1207-16

There's old large bottles with stoppers, some very unusual bottles that look like they came from a lab and some magnificent mortar and pestles.  Come in for a look.

But it doesn't end there.  When I got there, we got talking about How Bazaar, what we do and what I buy.  Through that chat he mentioned that he had an old bowser he'd be willing to part with.  Here it is, the Larkin Aircraft Supply Co Ltd Bowser, made in Australia:

Larkin Bowser _IMG_0702   Larkin Bowser _IMG_0703

Based at Coode Island in Melbourne, the Company was formed in 1919 and stopped manufacture in 1930 and mostly produced airplanes. I had never heard of them before and certainly hadn't seen one of these.

But, don't get excited - I got it back to shop and it barely lasted 3 hours before it was sold and gone the next day!  Chances and opportunities like this don't happen everyday, but when they do it is both exciting and worthwhile.

We recently received six Royal Doulton Figurines, two of which are pictured here. (Click on the photo for the description & price).

Doulton Elaine _IMG_1423        Doulton Soiree _IMG_1419

Admittedly, not everyone's cup of tea, but quite highly prized by collectors.  If you're a collector and you read this newsletter, you can have 20% off the marked price for any one (or two, or all) of the six figures.  Offer stands until the next newsletter.

Until next time...


Pete and Andrea

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HB News 7

Edition 7

Firstly, apologies for taking so long to get a newsletter out!  It has been a very busy period since we last communicated and a lot has changed.

If you've been in the shop recently, you will have noticed that some very severe re-arranging has taken place.  There are now two aisles in the downstairs area, making things a bit easier to navigate around and see - the upshot has been we've rediscovered stuff that's been hidden away.  Come in and you'll notice the difference.

We also had a stall at Motorclassica 2012 in the Melbourne Exhibition Building at the end of October.  It looked this this:


We had a really successful time there, but it was hectic!  I don't think it's a boast to say that, apart from the beautiful old cars on display, ours was the busiest area for the weekend.  There were always people milling around, browsing and buying!  Our favourite activity.

We managed to get hold of an original red telephone box a while ago.  It was from the Geelong area and was about 50 years old.  Of course it didn't last here very long - they never do.  We were pleased to deliver it a nursing centre where they specialise in creating an environment for people with alzheimer's and related illnesses.  Little did we know how they planned to move it when we delivered it- it made a great photo!


The happiest time of the year will soon be upon us.  No doubt you are all under immense pressure to find and purchase the perfect gift.  We don't have the perfect gift, but we have many imperfect gifts. Come in and have a look - or browse on-line!

See you soon, either on-line or in person.


Pete and Andrea

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HB News 6

Edition 6

A teeth chattering g'day to all our newsletter readers.

Andrea and I are back from the warm and humid climes of Asia!  Called into the shop on the way back from the airport still wearing our shorts and thongs - just a little optimistic!

You may recall from the previous newsletter we had a Lambretta 150 Id motor scooter from the 1950's for a very short time.  If you want to have a look at it in person, it now resides at Cafe Cavallino in Lygon St, Carlton.  The cafe has a Formula 1 theme, so there is plenty to look at, as well as a traditional, family based Italian menu to peruse and enjoy!

                                 Lambretta 150 Id_IMG_8257

The other Motor Scooter is being worked on.  I can reveal that is a Triumph.  We are planning to have it on display at Motorclassica 2012 at the Melbourne Exhibition Building, Carlton, in October.  We have been taking a stall there for several years and bring up an eclectic selection of items for display and sale - mostly automobile related, but we do sneak in some other items that may also be of interest, or just look good!  Of course, there is a display of over 100 classic automobiles and motorcycles to look at as well.

Given we're on a a bit of an automobilia theme this newsletter, some of you may have been waiting for a subscriber special that is garagenalia related.  Here's a real rarity that has just come in - an Atlantic Union Embossed Oil Bottle with Castrol Top

Atlantic Oil Bottle 1 Qt _IMG_8682 Atlantic Oil Bottle 1 Qt _IMG_8723

This is in the shop for $375.  Ask for the subscriber special price of $310.  That price stops when the next newsletter comes out.

See you soon, either on-line or in person.


Pete and Andrea

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HB News 5

Edition 5

Hi again from team Bazaar.  It's been a while since the last newsletter which goes to show that the year is flying by - again!

Haven't been in to the shop for a while?  We've been busy re-arranging things, added some new showcases and consolidated a few of the areas so things are gathered together, like tools, toys, automobilia, etc.  It's looking good, so call by.

As always, we're on the lookout for the unusual, kooky and eye catching.  In the latter department, only this week we got hold of a beautiful Lambretta 150 Id motor scooter from the 1950's.  We were about to put it on the web when it sold!  Here's a photo just so you can see what it was like.

                                 Lambretta 150 Id_IMG_8257

With a bit of work we will have another motor scooter in a few weeks!

In case you didn't know (and you probably did) How Bazaar has a number of stallholders within the shop.  Many have been with us for a while and you will have seen them if you are a regular visitor.  One of our hard working stallholders is Michael O'Brien - stall 20 if you're ever looking for what is his.  Michael has extensive knowledge on pottery, glass, figurines, dinner settings, jewellery and collectables.  He is always happy to have a chat.  He also does the round of antique fairs, so keep an eye out for Michael.  Amongst his many items, he currently has a display of Australian Pottery so come in and have a look.

Pottery Range _IMG_8088

Andrea and I are about to take a little trip to escape the cold (isn't it like winters we used to get? - freezing and wet!).  But here's a special to warm you up while we're away.

We've had a number of good quality, Lead Light Crystal Display Cabinets come in recently.  This one  -     is in good condition and is listed at $495.  Ask for the newsletter special price and it's yours for $440.

                 Crystal Display Cabinet _IMG_8164

Till next time, stay warm - rug up if you come into the shop - it gets a tad chilly in here!

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 4

Edition 4

Hello to all our Subscribers - the group is growing steadily which is fantastic.  If you are looking at this newsletter via the website then why not subscribe?  It costs nothing, you get an email alert and you never know what might be included! 

If there is a special category that interests you, subcsribe to that category (under Browse by Type) and you'll receive an alert when something new is added that.  So easy.

We were very pleased when the Geelong Advertiser, our outstanding local paper, had a feature in GT a few weeks ago with a story about our carnival and sideshow area.  Can't tell you how many shots it took to get me looking happy, but we got there!

You may have heard that Darryn Lyons has taken on the Elephant & Castle Hotel in McKillop St, East Geelong.  Darryn's been in and picked out a few things for the pub, which look great.  He did a spectacular job with the elephant at the top of the building, and the lights in the bar look wonderful.  Our favourite is the old cast iron hitching post featuring a horse head which Darryn installed outside the pub. 

         E And C_IMG_7182

                                              E And C_IMG_7179

        E And C_IMG_7186

                                      E And C_IMG_7185

Call in and see what Darryn's done with the Elephant & Castle and enjoy the hospitality!

Easter and the school holidays were busy.  We snapped this visitor who was looking for something exotic.  Let's just call her "Wendy".  She looked georgous!  We look forward to seeing Wendy back soon.


Finally - a little special for our subscribers.  This Grape Press is very neat and at $495 it is a bargain.  Let us know you read the newsletter and you can have it for $440.  It would also press fruit (apple or pear cider!), olives, or even tomatoes. Just click on this link to have a look.

Until next time, we hope to see you in the shop, or hear from you over the net.  Remember, there's plenty of items that aren't online, so if you are looking for something specific, send us an email and we'll see if we've got it!

Until next time.

Pete and Andrea

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