HB News 4

Edition 4

Hello to all our Subscribers - the group is growing steadily which is fantastic.  If you are looking at this newsletter via the website then why not subscribe?  It costs nothing, you get an email alert and you never know what might be included! 

If there is a special category that interests you, subcsribe to that category (under Browse by Type) and you'll receive an alert when something new is added that.  So easy.

We were very pleased when the Geelong Advertiser, our outstanding local paper, had a feature in GT a few weeks ago with a story about our carnival and sideshow area.  Can't tell you how many shots it took to get me looking happy, but we got there!

You may have heard that Darryn Lyons has taken on the Elephant & Castle Hotel in McKillop St, East Geelong.  Darryn's been in and picked out a few things for the pub, which look great.  He did a spectacular job with the elephant at the top of the building, and the lights in the bar look wonderful.  Our favourite is the old cast iron hitching post featuring a horse head which Darryn installed outside the pub. 

         E And C_IMG_7182

                                              E And C_IMG_7179

        E And C_IMG_7186

                                      E And C_IMG_7185

Call in and see what Darryn's done with the Elephant & Castle and enjoy the hospitality!

Easter and the school holidays were busy.  We snapped this visitor who was looking for something exotic.  Let's just call her "Wendy".  She looked georgous!  We look forward to seeing Wendy back soon.


Finally - a little special for our subscribers.  This Grape Press is very neat and at $495 it is a bargain.  Let us know you read the newsletter and you can have it for $440.  It would also press fruit (apple or pear cider!), olives, or even tomatoes. Just click on this link to have a look.

Until next time, we hope to see you in the shop, or hear from you over the net.  Remember, there's plenty of items that aren't online, so if you are looking for something specific, send us an email and we'll see if we've got it!

Until next time.

Pete and Andrea

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HB News 3

Edition 3

If we had said "Free to a good home", at least we would have known that this Texaco Petrol Bowser is in a good home.  But it isn't - in a good home.

Texaco Pump _IMG_7026 Texaco Pump _IMG_7025

Sadly, at around 5am on Saturday April 14, this bowser was stolen from out the front of the shop.  The thieves broke through the front fence, unbolted the bowser from the concrete and stole it.  They obviously knew what they wanted.

It is always disappointing when something is stolen.  But we can be certain that those who took this aren't collectors - they want cash.  So if you happen to be offered a Texaco Bowser that seems too good a deal and looks like this one, call Pete, or call the police.

Not that we expect those that stole the bowser can read, but you were caught on our security camera and those details have been given to the police.

We'll be back next week with a good news item.  Until then...

Pete and Andrea Summers

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HB News 2

Edition 2

Hi there!  We've been up and running on the new How Bazaar Website for two weeks now and we're pleased with how it is working.  Hope you are too!

As part of the new developments, we are very pleased to be able to give you the chance to subscribe to updates and this newsletter.  We don't want to bombard you with messages, so you will be able to subscribe to the various categories - simply click the S next to the category (under Browse by Type on the left hand side of page) you're interested in and you will receive an email update when something is added.  Don't worry - when we add more than one item to the category the update will be sent with a list of added items at the end of the day, so you won't be receiving a constant stream from us.

If you've been in the shop in the past few months, you will have noticed the range of Carnival and Sideshow gear we've been collecting - so much that it is now its own category and has its own area in the store!

All the Carny gear is from a contact in NSW (I won't be revealing details!) who's been working in sideshows for decades and has been collecting bits and pieces all his working life.  Much of the gear is pre WWII, as well as items from the '50's through to the 80's, which many may remember - some fondly!  I know many of us went to agricultural shows in our youth and spent time (and money!) on impressing 'special' friends.

Some of the gear is small - pieces from knock 'em down games - and some is large - we have a Test of Strength game with the old wooden mallet.  There's plenty of hand painted banners and signs, self powered dodgem cars, carousel creatures and more to come.

We'll put them up on the site as they arrive - or come in and have a look.

Carny Area _IMG_6002

We've also got hold of some taxidermy items - the bear skin was recently featured on our home page.  You may have seen the recent documentary on the ABC hosted by Richard E Grant that examined African safaris through the last century.  It is quite clear that hunting safaris are going the way of the dinosaur, so items such as these will become rarer as time passes.

Speaking of rare items, our staff here at How Bazaar take great care in refurbishing items in traditional methods.  I recently spotted a nimble leopard taking care of an old cougar with a sewing needle.  You can work out which is which!

The Cougar _IMG_6109


The Cougar _IMG_6110

The Cougar _IMG_6111


A really solid blanket box that sits nicely at the end of a bed.  Suits modern or traditional bedroom styles.  Advertised at $325, but I'll let it go for $290.

Blanket Box _IMG_5540

Until next time…

Pete and Andrea Summers


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HB News 1


It has been a while in the making but it's here - the all new (but still a bit the same) How Bazaar website!  And our first newsletter.

We thought our initial newsletter should give you a quick guide to the website, some of its features and what we plan to be able to offer you in the future.  Have a look around and you'll soon discover how it works.

We have kept some of the features from the old website with a few enhancements.  Every item we list here is categorised and priced and you can look for items by category or price - or just search through everything that's online!  We will be adding new stock and updating our inventory every week, so keep coming back for a look.  Categories can be seen when you click Browse by Type on left hand side of the home page.

As part of the new developments, we will soon be able to give you the chance to subscribe to updates in the various categories. You can also subscribe to this newsletter and receive every new edition - click Subcribe to Newsletter on the left hand side of the home page.

If you've been into our store before you will know that we couldn't possibly list every item we have for sale here.  But we will be adding things we believe are special, rare, unusual or which normally sell quickly.  By subscribing you will have the very best opportunity to get that elusive item!

When you find something you're interested in, or have questions about, you can simply click on the Make an Offer link and you can send us a message.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.  We always price our items competitively so the marked price is usually a bargain.  If you want to offer a price that is lower you might like to pay for an item, a good guide is to go to Pete's Tips and have a quick read.  To be clear, a discount for cash means cash.

When you want to go ahead and make a purchase, it is our preference that you contact us - either come in, phone or email.  We can take credit card details over the phone or give you our bank details and you can transfer the money.  Cash or cheque are always welcome!  Please note that your personal details are not kept on this site.

Contact us if there is something you are specifically looking for - we may have it here, we may know where it can be found, or we can keep an eye out for it.

If you have something you think we might be interested in buying, we welcome you contacting us.  If it is large, send us some pictures, either on email or from your mobile to ours (the number is on the contact us page).  We'll get back in touch and let you know if it's something we would buy and arrange to come and have a look.  Or you can bring it in!

The future?  We would like to let you in on what it is we do.  We meet some very interesting people and there are many fascinating stories behind a lot of the items we have.  This may be in the form of an article, a video, or updates on our Facebook page as things happen!  Go to Facebook and make us you friend and never know what might turn up.

And we will be making some very special offers only available to readers of our newsletter - like this:

A very comfortable Leather Gainsborough Suite - 3 seater couch and 2 chairs.  We have it listed for a very reasonable $1,450 but you can have it for $1,200 until the end of February!
                                 Gainsborough Chesterfield Suite_IMG_5441       


UPDATE 21/2/12 - This suite sold for $1,200!  More bargains to come

Andrea and I are very pleased with our new electronic presence and would like to thank Circle Media for all their work on it.  You can visit them at and see what else they do.

We look forward to meeting you when you come into How Bazaar, whether that be at our shop, or we meet in the electronic world.

Pete and Andrea Summers


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