1. 10% off for cash is a fair deal
  2. More than 10% off is pushing it,
    but I will listen
  3. If you ask for 50% off, then it's
    not for sale
  4. Don't tell me what's wrong with it - I already know and it has been priced accordingly
  5. Don't tell me how long it's been here - items only appreciate with age
  6. If it's not in the place you last saw it, it's probably been sold. The minute you think about a purchase you can be sure it will sell in a few days
  7. No, I don't have another one - but I might get something similar, so subscribe
  8. If negotiations aren't going well, it may be that
    we're not hitting it off
  9. If you want to know where it came from, most times it was from the family of a recently deceased, or an elderly couple downsizing
  10. We are not St Vinnie's - we don't get given this stuff, I've had to pay for it
  11. I'm always looking to buy items - just know that eBay is a retail site and I don't buy retail.