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Wayne _605_Bowser _Fridge _IMG_6697
Wayne _605_Bowser _Fridge _IMG_6694 Wayne _605_Bowser _Fridge _IMG_6695 Wayne _605_Bowser _Fridge _IMG_6696 Wayne _605_Bowser _Fridge _IMG_6698 Wayne _605_Bowser _Fridge _IMG_6699

We've previously had a number of refurbished bowsers fitted with a bar fridge.  This one has just come in, sporting the AMPOL livery.

This Wayne 605 Petrol Bowser has been beautifully restored and reconditioned. The difficult task of fitting a bar fridge has been exactingly completed so that the fridge seals properly.  Perfect for your garage collection or bar.  600 x 580 x 1860mm tall.  They don't last long in the shop, so get in quick if this is your thing.

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