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This tabletop Edison Diamond Disc player is c1920.  Unlike the larger Edison Diamond Disc we have, this one is more common and does not have volume control (muffler).

Included is 10 discs, made especially for this player.  The discs are thick (6mm) due to Thomas Edison insisting that the recorded track be at the base of the groove, rather than the sides.  This made for a better quality sound, but was ultimately the death of the format.  that and Edison's insistence that his recordings be at 80rpm.

The stylus does not require replacing (hence the "Diamond") and a head made to convert the player to regular (for the time) 78rpm records can be found online.

The cabinet is in great condition.  Everything is in working order.  You will struggle to find a better example.

The discs reflect Edison's own particular tastes, so there's spoken word, classic and some popular tunes from the period.

46 x 51 x 50cm tall

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