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1938_Hoadley _Test _Cricket 1938_Hoadley _Test _Cricket2 1938_Hoadley _Test _Cricket 2R 1938_Hoadley _Test _CricketR
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24 (of 36) Rare 1938 Hoadley's Test Cricketers Swap Cards Australia/England.

 The cards are:
3. Les Ames, Kent
4. Harold Gimblett, Somerset
6. Bill Voce, Notts
7. Sid Barnes, NSW
10. R Walter Robins, Middlesex
11. Frank Ward, SA
12. Denis Compton, Middlesex
13. Hedley Verity, Yorkshire
15. Mervyn Waite, SA
16. Len Hutton, Yorkshire
18. Clarrie Grimmett, SA
19. Arthur Fagg, Kent
20. Ross Gregory, Vic
22. Charlie Walker, SA
23. Laurie Fishlock, Surrey
24. Jack Fingleton, NSW
26. Ken Farnes, Essex
27. Lindsay Hassett, Vic
28. Jim Sims, Middlesex
29. Wally Hammond, Gloucestershire
30. Bill O'Rielly, NSW
32. Joe Hardstaff, Notts
35. Ben Barnett, Vic
36. Charlie Barnett, Gloucestershire

Condition varies from fair to very good.

Price is for all 24 cards.

Have a look at the scans for the best description of condition.

Cards are 71 x 44mm